The Travellers and the Oracle

Two travelers in a forest came upon an oracle famous for granting wishes but always in an ironic fashion. So for example one famous traveller had wished to be free of disease and had forthwith been brained by an avalanche, another, even more foolishly had asked for a memorable life and had been torn apart by four elephants, and so on.

“Let’s ask for something bad” said one of the travelers “That way that oracle will ironically give us something good.”

“You think that oracle’s as dumb as that?” said the other traveller. “I say we shut up and keep walking.”

MORAL: The second traveller was right!


3 thoughts on “The Travellers and the Oracle

  1. Mikey says:

    The Oracle, which was not a moron at all, overheard the second traveller and pronounced “Your wish to shut up and keep walking has been granted. Lol.”

    The second traveller, hearing the “Lol” at the end of the pronouncement and knowing what he did about the Oracle, spent the rest of his days in tormentous anxiety, always looking over his shoulder for the smiting he knew was coming.

    Moral: If you’re in a story with Oracles in it, you’re already doomed.

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