Pretend to Believe to Become a Better a Person

Probably a bad idea!
Supposing all you do is smoke marijuana and play video games and you would like to stop, so you try to believe in a God who doesn’t want you to do that, so you can stop.
Pascal suggested this, but I think he was wrong.
The big problem is you are not going to know if you ever grow out of the problem that made you seek change in the first place.
If you don’t know what you really believe you have no way to measure your progress.


3 thoughts on “Pretend to Believe to Become a Better a Person

  1. I agree with your assessment. I have made some big changes in my life. I made them for me and not on the assumption that I was doing it for anyone/thing other than myself. In my opinion, it was difficult to believe in anything if you first do not believe in yourself.

  2. Forever, people have used WILLPOWER to try to make a change … and they have supported Willpower with whatever seemed to be a good idea at the time. The incentive that supports Willpower takes MANY forms. “God says not to do this,” “I will go to jail if I don’t stop,” “I’m really tired of not having any money.” “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” etc.

    Eric – I totally agree with you. It’s much better if, in the long run, the person seeks out how come he was attracted to that lifestyle in the first place. Is it to instinctively avoid old, stuck, scary emotions? Is it part of making hardwired unloving beliefs “come true” … again?

    I find that the hardwired Life Algorithms are always at work. To understand this bigger picture of “how come” our lives instinctively operate the way they do can really make a difference in our success. We can choose to cope more effectively with the instinctive reactions that thwart our desired path, and we would have a map for how to identify and transform the unloving mess we were conceived with! With transformation — you instinctive reactions are different. Like changing the initial conditions on the Life Algorithms that have defined our uniqueness.

  3. Mikey says:

    You’re so monged that you miss turning up at your job for a couple of days in a row and the only compensation is that you managed to unlock Unlimited Ammo by completing the 00 Agent level of Facility in 1:06 (or whatever they do these days) and then you get fired from your job so you can’t pay the rent and you have to move to a smaller rubbishier apartment, and you’ve got two choices. You can move into the small rubbishy apartment next to the Cheech Shrine where stoners and dropkicks pay homage to one of their two favourite Weed Gods or you can move into the small rubbishy apartment next to the Temple of Gates where tech nerds say prayers to their favourite Philanthropy God. Ok, you’re a rational dude so you don’t believe in any of those stupid gods, but it’s obvious where you should go. Stay away from the stoners and all their beliefs and hang out near the nerds. And what if one of the Nerds invites you in to pray? Ok, you can go in with him, it’ll be ok. It certainly won’t lead you back to your old ways; none of the Nerds even know where to buy weed. And then what happens if you start to believe in Gates? Well so what? The new belief is just a representation of the old belief. You’re still fine. And look, you’ve got a new job as an IT consultant and you’re earning enough through telling people to turn it off and turn it on again that you can move into a new place. But the Nerds don’t like that, they’ve already started meeting at your apartment every Wednesday night for ritual chanting and Settlers of Catan. So you stay.

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