Wotan Kicked Back

He knew Ragnarok was coming. The jotuns and Loki in his ship of nails and the Midgard serpent and the fenir wolf would overcome Asgard and kill all the gods. And the reign of the new god Jesus would come.
“Fight” said Thor
“I won’t.” Said Wotan. “I saw it all when I hung on the world tree and gave up my eye of answers for an eye of riddles. We will lose. We will die.”
“Fight anyway” said Thor “there is a dignity in it”
“No” said Wotan “there is a ridiculousness in it” and he kicked back and lazed away his last days upon a hammock.
“If you don’t fight you won’t be Wotan any more” said Baldur.
“Then I won’t be Wotan.” Said Eotan and kicked back.
The jotuns came. Loki destroyed Asgard. The body of Wotan stabbed the Midgard serpent with a spear, the poison ran up the weapon and killed him.
The real Wotan who was Wotan no longer ascended to the top of the world tree where he saw all the Wotans and all the Lokis and all the Jesuses from each cosmic cycle like steps up a spiral staircase. He turned his back and walked upwards. No longer the all father he felt in his pocket. There was only a little money in it.


5 thoughts on “Wotan Kicked Back

  1. The answer to the boy Neitzsche’s question, the one about meaning, is No: if life went on forever, everything would happen; there would be nothing to build for. Even that guy who really loves pi and learnt the first 22 thousand digits of it, even he who seems to embrace the endlessly random, he started learning those digits at the beginning. Yes, that’s right, life is like numbers. Going on forever doesn’t make them big or clever.

    • If life went on forever why would everything happen? The civilization of ancient Egypt went on for a long time and there was no rock and roll. I would imagine it could have gone on forever (abstracting from considerations of entropy) and there would still be no rock and roll. Hail hail rock and roll!

  2. Oh yeah, that’s a good point. You mean like numbers, right? Like 1/3 as a decimal goes on forever 0.3333333333333333333333boring3? Not a 9 in sight. Not a 7, and certainly not a 01273401816, unlike in Pi. I guess if life went on forever repeating the same subset of all the possibilities then yeah, it would be even more meaningless. I mean who has ever memorised the first 22 thousand digits of 1/3?

    My taxonomy of numbers with specific regard to their infiniteness and their meaning:

    Infinite string of random numbers – 328403750902730917834… – meaningless. Just a bunch of numbers.
    Infinite string of non random numbers – 123123123123123123… – somewhat meaningful. It’s certainly different, at least, from 99988877799988877… so maybe it’s better or worse?
    Dull number – 51 – quite meaningful. It’s a triple 17, it’s the number of States (give or take), it’s the number of my friend’s house, it’s more hot dogs than Kobayashi ate in 2000 when he arrived on the Nathan’s Famous scene and smashed all previous records.
    Interesting number – 185,756,400 – very meaningful. If you get this kind of a score on pinball, you’re on the leaderboard. It’s so close to 185,756,390 but more. It’s so far from 0.
    Fake Interesting Number – 3 and a third – looks interesting because it goes on forever: 3.33333333… until you realise that you can write it as a fraction and it’s just as dull as 51.
    Fake Interesting Number B – pi – looks interesting because it goes on forever. Either it’s interesting because of the infinite random pattern, in which case it’s just as bad as the first entry (meaningless) or because it’s not random but defined. In which case it just comes down to the definition: C/D. Which makes it a dull number.

    Maybe I’ve missed one but I can’t think of any infinite number that has more significance than it’s longest string of repeating numbers or the simplest form of the rule that generates it. The best number is 185,756,400. Unless there’s someone out there who can get more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J9MRYJz9-4

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