Michel Foucault Called It!

Diffuse power spread by individuals surveilling each other rather than imposed top down (ubiquitous cell phone cameras)

Body becomes part of web of information

Pleasure as means of control — anxiety over body image keeps populations conforming

Over-all tone of panicky deracination

Best solution — care for self and form it as art

Over-all: impressive job of prognostication! Maybe being gay in 1940s France helped him see how internalized homophobia was the most important way people got controlled rather than repressive state apparatus. Also, good reader of Nietzsche!


2 thoughts on “Michel Foucault Called It!

  1. Mikey says:

    It’s New Year’s Resolution time, and I’m seriously considering commenting on every one of your blog posts in 2015. Maybe I’ll give up smoking in 2016.

  2. I suspect people WANT something to conform too. It makes sense as a social/tribal species that to form a tribe requires some sort of conformity. Thus a desire to conform would be an apt part of that species.

    Then corporations attempt/succeeed at hi-jacking such urges to conform. And have you spend money to buy their advertising (their t-shirts/sweatshirts).

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