Nietzsche and Baby Mammoth Adventures


Nietzsche was studying for his SATs.  He was really good at school.  He said: I can answer all these questions.  I will make up some new questions and see if I can answer them.  Nietzsche’s sister said: That’s dumb.   How can you make up new questions?  If it’s not in the test, it’s not a question.  “You’re dumb” said Nietzsche to his sister.  “Mom!” said Nietzsche’s sister.  “Nietzsche called me dumb!”  Nietzsche ran out the back door.

Nietzsche walked through the forest.  He tried to think of a question.  He thought of


It was a hard question!  Squirrel was a super-rat.  What would be as much better than man as a squirrel was better than a rat?

Baby Mammoth came out of his cave and saw the young German thinker.  “What are you doing?”

Nietzsche: Thinking?

Baby Mammotth: What about?

Nietzsche: What’s as much better as a man as a squirrel is better than a rat?

Baby Mammoth: Who says a squirrel is better than a rat, Nietzsche?  If you were a squirrel and you couldn’t creep into a hole, you would think rat was a super-squirrel!

Nietzsche: Let’s be friends!

And they became friends.


Nietzsche was trying to be a good boy but he got worried.  “The reason I am a good boy can’t be good itself.  It has to be something other than good.  The reason a man adopts a system of morality must not be moral.  Cause if it were moral it would mean he had already adopted some system of values.”

Nietzsche got scared.  He felt like the ground was swimming beneath his feet.  That night over dinner he was afraid to share his new ideas with his mother and his sister.   After dinner he ran out into the forest and looked for his friend baby mammoth.

Nietzsche hugged baby mammoth and cried, drying his eyes on the pacyderm’s wooly coat.  They watched the night become dawn. They watched the sun come up.


“Baby mammoth, can I ask you something?” asked Nietzsche.

“Shoot, Nietzsche.” said the Baby Mammoth.

“If we knew that every event in life would just continue forever eternally would life have any meaning? Would we be able to say yes to life with all its good stuff and all its lousy stuff: both the horrible stuff and the boring stuff and even the humiliating stuff.”

“Come with me, Nietzsche.  I want you to help me solve a mystery!”

“Mystery?” said Nietzsche “I love mysteries.  The only thing I love more than mysteries are adventures!”

Baby Mammoth led Nietzsche deep up into the Alps above Sils Maria.  They got to a cave.  They went deep into a cave, the Cave of the Glacier.  The Cave of the Frozen Mammoth and the Frozen Philosopher.  “I’m freezing, Baby Mammoth!  I think I’m going to be trapped in this glacier forever!”

“Not forever.” said Baby Mammoth as his friend froze solid along with him, his tears of joy becoming snow on his cheeks.  “Not forever at all.”



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