There is in God (some say) a deep, but dazzling darkness

Questions for Mr. Henry Vaughn

Q: Is there also in God (some say) a profound, but ear-splitting silence?

Q:Is there also an intense, but crushing untouchability?

Q:Is there also a pungent, but disorienting unsmellability?
A:You know there is.

Q:Is this just true of God or also of other human beings?
A:Why “other” human beings? What are those?

Q:Is it true of human beings?
A:And how!

Q:Is it true of everything? Even that which is not God?
A:Not sure — give me an example.

Q:Is it true of ponds of dirty water, of dogs, and abandoned dishwashers rusting in the Nevada desert?
A:You betcha, Chief!

Q:You know Paul Valery made me suspicious of the rhetoric of profundity.

Q:Yes. He said that “the silence of the infinite spaces terrify me” means the same thing as “the hubbub of my nearby neighborhood” reassures me. This makes me worry that you are getting me hyped up on rhetoric. Would you agree to a restatement “There isn’t in God (some say) a shallow light that lets us see without dazzlement.

A:What am I some kind of idiot? Of course I would say that. I did add the qualifier “Some say” did I not?

Q:You did.
A: You know, my friend, I have often thought, there is in some men a kind of friendship, that we love them only through a sort of intimate enmity.

Q:Am I one of them?
A:You should be so lucky!


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