How to Communicate

1)Remember that the message is unimportant. Communication is a shared dream. Just as in a dream what is important is the emotional tone and not the images, so with communication.

2)Understand that you do not understand the person you are communicating to: he or she is technically speaking a terra incognita. You have hands and they have hands, you want to be happy, they want to be happy, you are sexual they are sexual. But are your hands like their hands, your conception of happiness like their conception of happiness, your sex like theirs? No, no, and again no.

3)Understand that you do not understand yourself and above all do not mistake yourself for any ideas, conceptions or beliefs you have about yourself.

4)Realize that you do not know what the words of English mean. Sure you can use them but what is a father? What is happy? What is what? What is is?

5)Consider that the meaning of communication is directly proportionate to the risk of failure.

6)Be sure to provide candy both figurative and literal.

7)Reflect upon how you do not know the difference between figurative and literal.

8)Be honest while remembering that honesty is impossible and that the greatest deceit is to believe that it is.

9)Never end with a joke.


7 thoughts on “How to Communicate

  1. Consider how the posts words might seem grounded, while words like father now seem up in the air.

    Consider how the above line in this post might now seem grounded, instead of the original post.

    Consider now how repeatedly, you will seek ground. Even in this line. Or the next.

    Further, consider how others will try to bait your urge to find ground, to find it in their words and their words only. People like me.

    Well, hopefully not as I’m sabotaging that to some degree! 🙂

      • I just couldn’t think of a better word than ‘grounded’. What do you call something you commit to without even really noticing you’re commiting to it? Lack a name.

      • The light that lets you see some things at the expense of not seeing a bunch of other things?

        Plato’s cave needs a contemporary version – perhaps one where the person can never turn their head and can only look at facebook their whole life – and never see the people behind them of which facebook is just their shadow?

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