Monster Monkey

They say that man is but a monstrous monkey, cruel and rampageous, destroying the earth with his tricky devil-contraptions, or hellish apparati
I say no.
You really think a species of intelligent super lions would do much better?
Or hyper bears?
Or mega goats?
Or Wonder Hyenas or clever Sqidmen?
My point is : it’s easy to criticize.
My point is: until you walk a mile in another life forms moccasins. (Sorry deers)
My point is: that’s life and also
It’s lonely at the top.


3 thoughts on “Monster Monkey

      • Depends if their intellect changes their default settings, or whether their intellect just serves their default hungers, where intelligence merely enables greater hedonisms. Granted when intellect modifies hungers, it’s probably better classed as wisdom. When it’s set upon modifying the world, it’s intellect. Which kind of explains how clerics and wizards work in different ways!

        I always thought it was a bummer how any modern or future setting RPG lacked any wisdom stat.

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