Master of the Feeling Wound

TYPE: Sensorialist.
Level: Alpha Sub 1
H.P. Variable
Special Defense: Feeling
Special Attack: Attention

The only Sensorialist to have passed through the Three Rotating Towers and obtained the Peach Boon of Thoth and the Anti-Thoths, the Master of the Feeling Wound when he faced the Heaven of Malicious Gryphon-God-Bears was sprayed by a 14th Level Ray of Nerve Glyphs with the result that he lost his sense of touch and was entirely numb, and therefore unable to feel the patterns of the Tile of the Elder Warlord Kang-Kabrak-Dzhow (Thirtieth Level Inverted Thief Lord). Thinking quickly he grabbed a Blade of Wounding and applied a Unhealable Wound to his own body, which was so sensitive he was able to feel the necessary patterns and obtain the Orb-within-Orb-within-Helix of the Lost God Branatashimpofortis, PhD. He is now able to add plus one trillion to his feeling rolls, and feel subtle convexities and misaprisions and declivities in the Cosmic Haze, as well as Who Has Something Coming to Them and Who Does Not, although he is in constant pain. When he is not adventuring he lives in a spherical castle made of +35 gems with his wife and giant small children.


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