Surprising People

Zoltan Ibik — a man so sexy that women were willing to cut off a finger in order to enjoy his attentions back in his native Croatia. He kept the fingers in a jar of vinegar and lost them when he made the trip to the United States. His response to his loss was surprisingly philosophical.

Granito Wandabir — The seventh in a line of Nigerian grillots or tribal bards, Ganito Wandabir was fascinated by the classical orchestra and left home to train as a conductor. He failed at this competitive pursuit and became a cab-driver but writes mystical symphonies in his mind, which he believes if they were ever performed, would help humanity avoid the wars of religion of the twenty-second century.

“Bo” Smith — The worst mother in Iowa, Bo can be described as a very, very nervous Medea. In order to wreak revenge upon the father of her children she is deliberately raising her three children badly. She reads the latest child-rearing advice and deliberately does the opposite. Instead of playing them Mozart she plays them show tunes. Instead of limiting her children’s use of sugar and television, she lets them indulge in television and sugar ad libitum. She also handles the Christmas decorations for her wound care clinic and is described by those who don’t know her very well as “fun”.


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