2 thoughts on “Review in “Preposterous Universe”

  1. Gary Evershed says:

    Eric–Many of us have wrestled with Santa, the Tooth Fairy, God, the Holy Ghost and so on with our kids. Many years after muddling through these things with my children, I came across an Uncle Remus story by Joel Chandler Harris that gives the most subtle, hilarious and beautiful answer ever to these almost unanswerable questions. The story is called “Brother Wolf Falls a Victim”, and I’ll give you the whole first paragraph…
    “Uncle Remus,” said the little boy, one night, when he found the old man sitting alone in his cabin, “Did you ever see Mammy-Bammy Big-Money?” Uncle Remus placed his elbows on his knees, rested his chin in the palms of his hands, and gazed steadily into the fire. Presently he said: “W’en folks ‘gin ter git ole en no ‘count, hit look like der ‘membunce git slack. Some time hit seem lak I done seed sump’n’ n’er mighty nigh de make en color er ole Mammy-Bammy Big-Money, en den ag’in seem lak I ain’t. W’en dat de case, w’at does I do? Does I stan’ tip-toe en tetch de rafters en make lak I done seed dat ole Witch-Rabbit, w’en, goodness knows, I ain’t seed ‘er? Dat I don’t. No, bless you! I’d say de same in comp’ny, much less settin’ in yer ‘long side er you. De long en de short un it,” exclaimed Uncle Remus, with emphasis, : is des dis. Ef I bin run ‘crost ole Mammy-Bammy Big-Money in my day en time, den she tuck’n make ‘er disappearance dat quick twel I ain’t kotch a glimp’ un ‘er.”
    The result of this good-humored explanation was that the child didn’t know whether Uncle Remus had seen the Witch-Rabbit or not, but his sympathies led him to suspect that the old man was thoroughly familiar with all her movements.

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