Lost Innocence of a Praying Mantis

Here were some surprising things about my first sexual experience, says Katey, a praying mantis:

1. I thought I would be self-conscious,but I was not.

2.My relationship with my partner, Pete, was originally simply a very intense friendship. He was my tutor in aphid eating. When the relationship turned sexual, I realized that in a sense it had been sexual all along, and that his tutoring of me on the Rosebush was always a bit flirtatious, as was my eagerness to learn from him. It made me think that we often don’t know where things begin in the development of ourselves.

3.I thought that I would be grossed-out to complete my first sexual experience with a partner who had been recently decapitated. Quite the opposite. It was “hot”.

4.I was surprised that when I got sufficiently turned on I bit off Pete’s head and ate it. I didn’t think that would be the effect of sexual excitement on me, since I really like Pete and did not think I wanted to kill him.

5.In conclusion don’t have sex until you are ready.

6.I am having a baby shower for my one thousand babies. I will name five hundred of them “Pete”.


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