Three New Science Fiction Stories

Story One
A race of aliens performs special dances in the middle of its asteroid every year that symbolize important truths in their metaphysics. Some of them perform the special dances too often. They like the dances too much. Their world is threatened by an invasion of life-destroying spores. Somebody has to get those aliens to stop dancing and protect their asteroid!

Story Two
An alien is like a gigantic snail. Every generation the old consciousness gets grown over by another layer of protoplasm, but the old consciousness remains behind in a layer deep within its shell. One giant snail is trying to figure out what is wrong with their asteroid and suspects that an earlier version of himself is responsible for its destruction. He goes to a psychoanalyst which in his world is simply a surgeon who cuts open his shell and lets him access his deeper layers. He learns that centuries ago he remained inside the heart of his asteroid dancing and allowed his world to be devastated by an invasion of life-destroying spores.

Story Three
A multi-dimensional bee made of information lives in the matrix that holds the multi-universe in place. This bee, known as BIG BEE DADDY, has the task of applying royal jelly to its larvae in order to see which one will become the new hive queen and create a new universe. He applies the jelly to a few larvae and the one who is worthy of being the universe-creating queen will give out a certain signal. Since it is made of information its royal jelly takes the form of a string of symbols. The royal jelly is story one. The signal that the larva is ready is story two.


4 thoughts on “Three New Science Fiction Stories

  1. This is why I didn’t like ‘Sucker Punch’

    Yes, why should it matter if it’s just a story that we go on to say it was just a story IN the story?

    I think ultimately it’s the lack of community – it leads the reader to care about X, then the author withdraws from caring about X, leaving the reader on their lonesome.

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