Boozlebim & Pazazz: Two Teenage Message Detectives

They were two teenage message detectives, Boozlebim was an athlete the sort of boy every boy would like to be, Pazazz was a joker and more fond of pie than football, and the two were inseparable. They first met up in the mystery of the Scorpion Key, available from Routledge & Keegan, and initially Boozlebim disliked Pazazz for his constant joking and Pazazz disliked Boozlebim because he seemed stuck-up, but when the two boys learned that the markings on the trees in The Old Swamp were really messages sent by the counterfeiters, they solved the code, and solved the case, and saved each other’s lives one time each, and then they became inseparable companions and message-receivers as they were in “The Mystery of the Recorded Leaves” “The Mystery of the Chestnut Substitution” and the “Mystery of the Alligator’s Drum”. But in this adventure things took a darker turn. “The doc says I have schizophrenia” said the pie-loving joker as he started to perceive messages in everything. Concerned his chum came out to the Old Parking Lot late at night. After many encounters with malign beings he lost his friend and recaptured him in another world. A sort of message-sending bird had laid its eggs in him, their were holes in his friend’s body swarming with messages. The friend went through the holes, discovered a cosmos where his friend was the message and the atoms were each individual decodings of the message and in later chapters the two friends each learned to perceive the other as a message, and also each moment as containing a hidden message. For centuries they pored over their earlier exploits through the lens of considering that they themselves were cryptograms. For centuries they considered all the possible decodings of themselves and each other, and indeed of the very schema of message and code. For centuries they decoded the existence of Time Itself as a message, signifying a particular arrangement of possibilities of temporal flux. In later books they had become so abstract they could no longer truly be said to receiving messages in the sense we give to the word, or to be Two, or to be Teeange.

But they continued to detect.


2 thoughts on “Boozlebim & Pazazz: Two Teenage Message Detectives

  1. Never stop being Teeange! That’s the true decryption of teenage!

    Did they decrypt so hard that they passed through the veil and became the originators of messages?

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