2 thoughts on “The Poison of the Honeybee/Is the Artist’s Jealousy

  1. Was just at the Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Conference in Joshua Tree with great speakers Rupert Sheldrake, Rick Tarnas, Graham Hancock and more Consciousness Researchers. http://www.matterpsyche.net/ One speaker was from Ashland, OR, the College of Melissae – Center for Sacred Bee Keeping. Learned a lot. Bees have been with us for 400 million years. Each bee produces 1/12 tsp of honey in its lifetime. The Drones do not produce honey, but they “sing” to the babies and keep the air stirred up in the hive. Pesticides are wreaking havoc on this important partner in our food chain. And we can choose to make a difference…

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