Legendary Bullet Baby

They used to know how to run things.

You probably heard that there is someone who is “the one” for you? If you are a girl it is a guy to marry you and if you are a guy it is a girl to marry you.

That’s true. But there is used to be all sorts of other “ones” for each and every one of you.

This picture depicts the “bullet baby”. The baby is born with a bullet around its neck. This baby is the one to kill you.

Somewhere out there, there used to be

the one to love you
the one to kill you
the one to heal you
the one to maim you
the one to puzzle you
the one to solve your puzzles
the one to worship you
the one to lead you beyond, beyond, beyond.

And it was all put together like a tremendously lovely web! So if A was the one to kill B and B was the one to kill C, C would not be A don’t you know.

Et cetera!

Now it is all mixed up.

What a nice bullet baby!


One thought on “Legendary Bullet Baby

  1. Since I have a specialty in relationship dynamics — and in the Life Algorithms that drive our instinctive reactions — this concept of a Bullet Baby was interesting. So, if someone instinctively reacts in the form of a “yes” to the idea of “the one to kill you,” then I would suggest that some of their Life Algorithms include initial conditions like “I am unprotected from life,” “I don’t belong here,” etc. They may never be shot by someone … but their experience of life will include concerns about being wanted (at home, in the job), and how to protect themselves from accidents and other hazards of living. You and I talked briefly at the Science Friday taping on Aug 27. How about a coffee together this week to discuss???

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