Lot of people know about the RAT KING, a collection of rats that have become so entangled with one another that they have essentially become ONE HUGE RAT that functions as one, both in outlook, and romantic life, and consumer behavior.

But did you know there was also a LIZARD KING?

A lizard king is much like a RAT KING but with one difference.

Do you know what the difference is?

A RAT KING is a bunch of rats all tangled up in a ball.

A LIZARD KING is not like that.



Instead, it contains LIZARDS.

Also, a LIZARD KING’s powers are limited by the LIZARD MAGNA CARTA while a RAT KING’s powers are absolute.


2 thoughts on “THE LIZARD KING

  1. Cool picture. I’d have thought lizards would be more absolute, like that primal part of the brain that says if the nest is disturbed, eat the babies and move on (hey, don’t blame me – a dinosaur doco pitched that one at me originally and I’m so mortified I pitch it on in turn!)

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