Declaration of Independence by way of Kannada and Japanese

Laws of nature which are in the same station in order to dissolve the band political, one of the people who are in contact with each other, it is assumed in the power of the earth, to be independent as required in the course of events when human for decent, to request that you declare the causes which impel them to the separation them, they said God of nature, the opinion of humanity.

All human beings know you have been granted the Creator of them, by certain unalienable rights, and that it has been created equally, we, this is they, that there is that these truths are self-evident among men the government .–, the pursuit of these rights life, liberty and have been in happiness has been enacted, to pull out the power of your own from the consent of the government, any kind of government in order to abolish it becomes destructive of these ends -That,, or to change to the right of the people, to achieve a new government, in the form of organization, for example, and their privileges laying principle the basis of his , can affect the safety and well-being must be like the most high. Prudence, indeed, the government for many years, to indicate that it must not change the transient and cause light. Evil withstand all experience it accordingly, not only the human race, to abolish the form are accustomed themselves to the right that are arranged by shewn them, they suffer.


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