Q: What is the only thing that cannot be a symbol of the Eiffel Tower?
A: The Eiffel Tower?

Q:What is the only word that has no word for it?

Q:Why did you answer that last question like that — it’s obviously not true.
A:I wanted you to like me.

Q:What good is it for you if I like you?
A:I don’t know.

Q:What will it take for you to know?
A:I would need you to love me to know.

Q:What do you think you will know if I love you?
A:What the purpose of my life is.

Q:Why would I love someone who doesn’t know the purpose of his life.
Q:Why would you?
A:I wouldn’t.


7 thoughts on “Riddles

  1. This is your brain on twitter…

    And does the Eiffel Tower mean no one can actually be their own symbolic level – they are ever seperate from meaning, cast to the realm of physicalism? What doth that say about qualia?

    *boom ting* – there, that’s a symbol.

      • Well, you’d think you already were your own symbology, rather than being severed from it?

        Okay, marginally creepy visualisation – of detached faces floating upon waves, with obscured creatures in the dark depths below, reaching impossibly for their mask above.

        Just blame Audience+Anonymity=weird fiction, for that! I do! 🙂

      • one change — each of those masks is reaching into the heights above for a still higher mask — and each of those obscure entities is a mask that a still more obscure entity in the depths below is reaching for, and so on. With that one change it is no longer fiction!

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