C.S. Peirce on Thoughts and the Future

Peirce says that thoughts are always about the future.  If I say “that is a star” I mean that is what I will think stars are when human inquiry has finally figured out what stars are.  If I say “Those two people are married” what marriage is is an ongoing story, and I am contributing to that story by my thought. 


5 thoughts on “C.S. Peirce on Thoughts and the Future

  1. I think the following quote from Emile Benoit’s “Essays and Aphorisms on the Higher Man” says it better than I could:
    “The narrative of our lives continually intersects with that of other’s — sometimes colliding violently, sometimes caressed with love, oftentimes unnoticed or forgotten entirely. These narratives all overlap one another and lace together to create the fabric of humanity — that noisy, fragile and infinitely complex mesh of tissue, spirit, and happenstance. Yet, from the perspective of the moon, all the world is silent.”

  2. Yeah, if you haven’t checked out any Benoit, you might want to do so. No one seems to know about him. Anyway, I look forward to reading Does Santa Exist? It sounds quite interesting

  3. Ok, so I just finished reading your book and I’m still laughing about the dog complaining about the harshened buzz for being lectured about eating the kitty litter. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed the re and your perspective. As someone who has studied philosophy formally and informally, I was aware of most of the framework for your discussion, but I really enjoyed how you put those pieces together regardless. In the end, your overall position reminded me of the Indian fable of the five blind men each attempting to describe a different part of an elephant as if it were the whole. Only a discussion between all five of the blind men will lead to a proper understanding (or the best that we are able anyway).

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