Granito Jones, Interstitial Bandito

This is a thrilling tale that excited adolescent males in the twentieth century.
Granito Jones existed in the interstitial spaces between things and realms and although he was a “bandito” he was a “bandito” for the side of good fighting a series of unscrupulous poachers, native warlocks, and bloodthirsty tribal chieftains. All these fights took place in liminal spaces e.g.

Granito Jones and the Gap Between Tuesday and Wednsday
Granito Jones and the Disputed Territory Between China and Russia
Granito Jones and the Social Sciences, Unclearly Demarcated Between Science and the Humanities
Granito Jones and the Family Restaurant — An Interstitial Reality Between the Domestic and Commercial Spheres
and the thrilling
Granito Jones and the Uneasy Moment Between Romance and Utilitarian Manipulation.

The Granito Jones series was a series of cracking-good yarns full of hair-raising cliff-hangers during which he was threatened by a headhunter, an anaconda, or a tapir.

BUT the problem is that it made adolescent United States males more confirmed in their male privilege, and indirectly led to a cowboy-like foreign policy. It was also stunningly racist.

Recently though LGBT activists, flying saucer enthusiasts, occultists and other espousers of heterodox belief systems from the past and oblique untoward philosophies have rediscovered the Insterstiail Bandito and have started writing fan fiction celebrating his exploits.

These include yarns where he grapples with: intersexuals, beings on the boundary between real and imaginary, and most importantly the boundary between truth and fiction. One such fan fiction resulted in the author actually being Granito, first as performance art, straddling the boundary between sincerity and theater, then in reality , in a work straddling the boundary between life and art. Finally straddling the boundary between the interstitial and the central he defeated a cruel headhunter , became president, was assassinated and then achieved interstitial hemi- apotheosis as a Demi-god.


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