Adventures of Littlel Sweetie


Littlel Sweetie went the doctor. She said doctor I have a tumor. Doctor said let me see that tumor. Littlel Sweetie took out the tumor from the backpack. The tumor was running about the room. “Ma ma! Ma ma!” said the tumor. “You dumb, Littlel Sweetie” the doctor said “That is no tumor. That is a babby.” “Aw, Gee!” said Littlel Sweetie. “I guess I am a Mommy now. I will go to my own Mommy for advice” thought Littel Sweetie. She went to her Mommy in the house. “Mommy how do I take care of a babby?” she asked. A mouse came out of the Mommy’s mouth. “I don’t want a mouse to come out of your mouth” said Littlel Sweetie “I want a word to come out of your mouth and then another word till I have heard enough words to give me the know how for taking care of this babby.” A fly came out of the Mommy’s ear. “I don’t want a mouse and I don’t want a fly.” Littlel Sweetie leaned over and yelled in the Mommy’s ear. The Mommy’s head fell off. A whole bunch of flies and bugs and no see ums came flying out of the Mommy’s neck hole. Little Sweetie was looking in the neck hole for some wisdom about how to take care of the babby when Littllel Sweetie’s friend Smart Boy came by. “Littel Sweetie don’t you see why your Mommy can’t tell you how to take care of that babby? That Mommy is dead.” “Boo hoo” said Littel Sweetie. “Pick yourself up and put a smile on your face Littel Sweetie” said Smart Boy. “We got to make some money to support this babby of yours.” “Okay” said Littel Sweetie. “How do you make money.” “Easy” said Smart Boy “You have to be willing to do things nobody else is willing to do. That will be easy for you because you are a dumb.” “Okay!” said Littlel Sweetie. “That is the best news I heard today!”


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