Ten Relationships Between Me and the Glorious Idol Bozastus


My grandfather had a glorious idol of Bozastus that looks like a very well muscled man holding a torch. One time the soldiers were coming and my grandfather asked the idol to protect him, and the soldiers passed by. He gave it to my father who gave it to me.

I don’t have the ebullient swings between grandiosity and depression of the adolescent, but nor do I have the subtle swings between exhaustion and satiation of the middle-aged, so I am not sure what the relationship is between my (slightly pudgy) human frame and the muscly, golden Bozastus. Here are some possibilities:

1.Bozastus created me and I am a product of his mind.
2.Our ancestors created Bozastus as an expression of their fondest hopes
3.There is an atemporal reality in which Bozastus exists and my reality is overlaid over it, like a film upon a pond
4.Bozastus is a future goal of humanity and I am, through time-travelling thoughts caused to be him. I strive towards him.
5.Bozastus is an allegory of me.
6.I am an allegory of Bozastus.
7.The idol of Bozastus does not resemble the actual Bozastus at all, but I do.
8.I resemble the actual Bozastus in an ineffable way, but the idol does not
9.Bozastus bozastifies me through his presence in my life.
10.There is no Bozastus and I am his prophet


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