Things That Are Only What They Are Cause They are Part of Something Else

At least some things only are what they are because they are part of something else. So a heart is just a heart because it is part of a circulatory system, a moon is just a moon because it orbits a planet, a Mommy is just a Mommy because she has one or more children. So too with more personal items — lust is only lust because it impels us to copulation, the thought of cherries is only the thought of cherries because it is in interaction with cherries, your memory of Charleston in the spring is only a memory of Charleston in the spring if you acquired it in Charleston in the spring.

Your power to control your fate is therefore more and less than you might think. Less because whether you are a genius or a madman, a brave soldier or a murderer, may depend upon the future reception of your actions. More because you may create the future context in which your current life is what it is.

A prophet creates his own people.


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