Religious People Commit a Lot of Murders Therefore Let’s Stop Being Religious

This is a fallacious argument. The reason religious people kill people is because they care deeply about their religion, or more often, they care deeply about the things their religion encourages them to care about. Anybody who cares deeply enough about something is willing to take strong steps to defend it, and in a pinch, they will kill people. Look at people who care deeply about their country. Look at people who care deeply about their sweetheart. You could definitely lower the numbers of deliberate killings if you got rid of romantic love — there would be no more killing due to jealousy. But would it be worth it?

The world would be a safe place if nobody cared passionately about anything. But would it be better?

It’s a serious question, but I’m not sure how to decide it. You could definitely tally up all the bad things that result from caring passionately about things, but if nobody cared strongly about that list, then it would not convince them.


4 thoughts on “Religious People Commit a Lot of Murders Therefore Let’s Stop Being Religious

  1. Come now, it’s like saying if someone likes eating donuts, then genocide aughta get a pass.

    Part of it is how very much religious killing doesn’t seem to be about religion, as the victors seem to end up with more land and resources to their name afterward, uncannily enough. So why not just talk about a love for conquest? As the fallout series likes to say, war never changes. Not even when holy symbols are involved.

  2. I think I agree with you! People enjoy dominating other people and if they can feel they’re doing the right thing while they’re doing it, it’s a (nearly) irresistible temptation: donut with sprinkles if you will

  3. There has to be a radical turnaround in our thinking about warfare if we are to be able to focus all our energies on halting the meltdown of our planet whilst there is still time.
    The main thing is to get away from the idea that our national defence and security depend on having our own armies. We know this is the reverse of the truth. Just because we have strong armies we are willing to take on rival armies belonging to nations we have come to regard as ‘the enemy’. So we go to war, cheerfully doing all the things we are not allowed to do at home, killing and maiming and all the whole sorry story. Of course we lose a lot of our own people, but what does that matter so long as we win?
    This is so pathetically stupid it is hard to believe it is still happening, but it is – and planet earth is the main casualty.
    The rash of insurgencies we have witnessed in recent years is even stupider since it usually loses any focus at all.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the armies were peacekeepers, not wagers of war, controlled by the UN and the Human Rights charter, not national politicians or maverick insurgents? How could this happen? See the website below:

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