Can You Harm the Dead? Can You Help the Dead?

“When I die let the world be destroyed by fire — I do not care, I will be safe.”

versus the desire to have our wishes enacted by the execution of a “Last Will and Testament”.

CHESTERTON writes that conservatism is the widest form of democracy as it gives a vote to the dead as well as the living.

Yet I have heard that the law deliberately trammels the hands of the dead.

“I leave my fortune to my heirs on the condition that my daughters-in-laws, grand-daughters-in-laws, great-grand-daughters-in-laws and so on to perpetuity be required to squat naked above a camera and place the resulting photograph of their hind parts upon my GRAVE; if this requirement is not followed in minute particulars as instructed in these codicils then my entire fortune I leave to the establishment and maintaining of a discotheque for cats.” says the dead man.

“Tough luck, pervert.” says The Law.


2 thoughts on “Can You Harm the Dead? Can You Help the Dead?

  1. It’s not the law – if they’d just do what he said, it’d all go fine! But they argued – using the law to do so! It’s just that the dead have fewer recourses of argument.

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