These Difficulties will Be removed in the time of the Messiah תשבי יתרץ קושיות ובעיות‬

Is a formula used in the Talmud after an inconclusive debate.
If there are persistent philosophical bottle necks it might be that we all need to do something to resolve them.
So for example: the mind body problem.
Sometimes it seems like our job is to come up with a theory of how mental substances or qualities fit together with physical substances or qualities , as if the problem will be solved by thinking about it correctly.
But here’s another way to look at it
Maybe the task of the mind is to turn body into mind — ie to make matter free clear and transparent to human mind and will.
In that case the mind body problem will real main until that task is accomplished whereupon it will disappear.
Maybe other problems are like that eg personal identity.


4 thoughts on “These Difficulties will Be removed in the time of the Messiah תשבי יתרץ קושיות ובעיות‬

  1. I’d have thought Plato’s cave generally solved alot of this – what if mental substances or qualities were simply shadows cast by unseen material? And the viewer simply a processor, left to process second hand information but treating it as if it were first hand information?

  2. An unimaginably large nuclear explosion. But mostly that a system can’t examine AND examine itself in the act of examining, at the same time. The event horizon of self reflection, burning bright. If you couldn’t see what you really are, how easy would it be to invent what that is? Since not even you, let alone anyone else…until neuroscience…could see in to provide any counter evidence?

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