George Ranto: Rules of Life

1. Trust no one
2. Express your mind in your thoughts, your heart in your choice of foods, and your indomitable will in human relationships
3.Pick three projects: one that you will never complete because it is impossible, one that you will never complete because it is not worth doing, and one you will never complete because you are not interested. Divide your energy randomly among the three.

George Ranto is a pratekabuddha who has been occasionally sighted in diners in the San Fernando valley, sometimes accompanied by a large dog.  These rules were written on a napkin after he granted a rare audience with the author of this web log.  The granting of interviews by pratyekabuddhas is fairly rare although not unheard of.  How common it is is impossible to know as it is impossible to know the frequency of pratyekabuddhas.  It is also impossible to tell how serious Ranto is being in these rules, whether he follows them himself, and, fundamentally whether the concepts of seriousness, sinecerity and rule-following apply to a being of his nature.

This web-log will be bringing occasional life lessons from pratyekabuddhas of modern urban America. A prateyakabuddha is a being who has head a solitary enlightenment experience and is living out a life on a more highly evolved level of non-dualistic consciousness without founding a sect or cult. In the Dhammapada they are described as “lonely as rhinoceros horn”.  The study of pratyekabuddhas is important for developing a typology of supra-mundane states of consciousness. The class of Buddhas, beings with super-mundane consciousness who found sects or cults for the betterment of their inferiors is a non-representative sample of states of consciousness.


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