A Brutal Emotional Experience

I am a bourgeois and the other day I was captured by an avant-garde artist who promised to subject me to a brutal emotional experience.

“Hey bourgeois, I’m going to explode all your comforting illusions!” he said.  He had hair dyed two different colors and a cast iron scrotal piercing.

“Okay.” I said.  “Let’s get this over with.”

“You think that your life is worth living but you know what?  IT isn’t.  Cause nothing is worth doing!”

“What about dispelling people’s illusions?” I said “You obviously think that’s worth doing.”

“Huh.” he said “I had not thought about that. This whole thing has gone south. I was supposed to make you feel bad but instead you have made me feel bad.”

“I’m really sorry” I said.  And I really was.


One thought on “A Brutal Emotional Experience

  1. molly B says:

    Surprisingly poetic. I find your blog to be like Shel Silverstein for those of us experiencing perpetual existential crises. (This is meant to be a compliment).

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