Welcome to Ongluam Terrace

You will find as soon as you release unrealistic expectations you will be able to make the most of your time here.

Don’t assume that people want to interact with you or that they don’t and don’t impose your preconceptions of emotional consistency. A suite mate might love you passionately for ten minutes then be bored then have a morbid curiosity about your history of embarrassing incidents related to the bathroom. You may find them strange but they might find you strange as well.

Music may come to your body at night but also wounds.

Mysterious absences and overfill eases may dapple or stipple: do not welcome or recoil.

Try not to assume it will be obvious if you have staid or left.

If you endeavor to recognize pain and pleasure are the symptoms of a disease which you may never recover from your stay will have every chance of being a pleasant one.


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