New Grammar

I am going to be introducing new grammatical categories.  I’m starting with the idea of person.

We have three different persons — first (I) second (you) and third (he).

I want to introduce a fourth person.  I’m thinking it should be for an ambiguous collective that you’re not committed to whether or not you  or the person you’re addressing belong to or not.

Like right now the first person plural has certain weird effects.  Supposing I’m talking about Jews.  I happen to be a Jew but do I need to say “We lived in Egypt as slaves?”  I mean I can but if I choose to it’s putting my membership in the group front and center in a may I may not want to.

People also use this ambiguity on purpose to exploit people — false teaming.  “He is dangerous to us.”  But who is “us”?  Does it necessarily include both he speaker and the listener.

So I propose the fourth person pronoun “gee/gus”  It refers to a collective that may or may not include the speaker and listener.

In all candor I’m worried that this is not a separate person that it is a separate mood — some kind of version of a hypothetical or subjunctive mood.  But I think it is good for gus!




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