The Dragon Teacher

The knight went to the renowned dragon teacher in his cave to learn about dragons.

The teacher after appropriate gifts in treasure and services agreed to bestow his wisdom and invited the knight to live and study with him within his cave.

“There are many kinds of dragons.” he said “And they can be best understood by understanding their divisions and taxa.”

On Monday the teacher taught of the clear and obscure.

“There are the obscure, and there are the clear.  The clear can be defeated by obscuration.  The obscure can be defeated by clarification.”

On Tuesday the teacher taught of the red and the blue.

“The red can be defeated by cantrip and grammarie, the blue can be defeated by determination and fire.”

On Wednesday, the teacher taught of the elusive and the unavoidable.

“The elusive must be followed to their lair for months.  The unavoidable must be fled from for years.”

On Thursday, the teacher taught of the infinite and the finite dragons.

“The infinite dragon must be forced to exist in finite form and then obliterated.  The finite dragon must be expanded to all four corners of the universe and thereby dissipated.”

On Friday the lessons came to an end. The knight was satisfied and felt he knew enough to be able to defeat dragons and readied his mount to depart.

On Saturday the teacher followed him to the mouth of the cave and said “I forgot the final division of dragons.”

“The dragon that is noticed.  He is defeated by ignoring.  And the dragon who goes unnoticed”

“And how is he defeated?”

“He is not.”

The teacher smiled.

“My what big teeth you have.” said the knight.

“The better to teach you with.” said the dragon.


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