1. Man is a Hapax Legomenon

1. Man is a hapax legomenon

2.Jellyfish have minds and can hunt as well as fish

3.Transcendence is real but is not one-dimensional — you can transcend in different directions

4.Conflict and co-operation are both infinite as they involve modeling the other person’s conception of yourself

5.Language is attenuated song as song is attenuated dance

6.History is the overlay of cycles of different periodicities

7.Every moment is unique

8.Consciousness is unique but there is no fact of the matter about what its boundaries are

9.The context of forgiveness and the context of judgment are not “there”  but are brought into being  by action

10.Thought is a kind of action

11. Logic, mysticism and comedy are three approaches to paradox

12.What the intellect views as paradox the emotions view as trauma


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