The Soul Mistakes its Adventures and Calls them Moods


I was saying the other day the peace is the kind of war that allows acts of love and creation in its course; it is, then, a more complex and obscure process than war properly so-called, as life is more obscure and more profound than death.



Guy:I didn’t lie to you baby, I deconstructed the truth/falsehood dichotomy.

Girl: SLAP


“Just because something is inside something doesn’t mean it can’t be inside something else.” This is true, in fact everything is inside multiple other things.


MY MIND: Vorticism.  It is all nothing but vortices: tornadoes and whirlpools and such.

MY HEART: But what about tables and chairs and people?

MY MIND: Nothing but very sluggish and slow-moving vortices.


My Adulthood: There can be no unity without unification.

My Childishness: Sometimes there can.

My Adulthood: Yeah.  Sometimes.  But not often.


Q: Why ya so smart, Mr. Smartikins?

A: I am a high-IQ mentally retarded adult, and bring to bear on intellectual pursuits the demonic energy that characterizes my species!


I’m afraid your clarity, sir, only allows you to see confusion more clearly.

It’s all I got, buddy, it’s all I got.


Eternity is in love with the production of time, but they are a slut




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