I Will Never Meet a Person Better than Me

Or worse than me.   Any sadist or holy renunciant I  encounter is going to be somebody I understand, otherwise they are nothing for me.

Likewise it is fruitless for me to wonder about what the world is like minus the limitations stemming from how I understand it, my prejudices or cognitive limitations,  because the world beyond my limitations is nothing to me — I will never understand it.

If I have a deep shame that means there are realms of goodness and selflessness and dimensions of truth that are forever barred to me, then so be it.  The extent to which I can understand them, and measure myself against those ideals, is exactly the extent that they matter to me and no further.

But it is wrong to say that the world is limited by “me” because my concept of “me” is extremely oversimplified compared to what I actually am.

Every person I will ever meet has a piece of who I am hidden inside them, and until I know them I don’t know myself except crudely and sketchily.  

I need to take you seriously to open up the treasure chest of who I am.  And I am the same for you.



2 thoughts on “I Will Never Meet a Person Better than Me

  1. AngieRooBiscuitEater says:

    Yes you are. I listen to what you say and it leads me to thinking through things in a way I’ve not thought like for a couple of decades, a time when I sought and questioned more. So I am thankful as part of my mind has woken up again.

  2. What we see in others is a mirror unto us. Or something along those lines. Which is very fortunate and convenient as I am occasionally too lazy to search within myself the answers I seek and the knowledge I crave.

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